Ion Exchange (India) Limited pioneered water treatment in India and is today the country's leading water and environmental management company, with a strong global presence. With 59 years of experience, we are among the few companies worldwide with a complete range of technologies, processes, products and services that cater to all sectors - industrial, institutional, municipal and domestic - urban and rural.
In 1978, Ion Exchange was the first company in India to apply reverse osmosis technology as a complementary technology to the ion exchange process for water treatment.

The company in 1987, recognized the potential of the membrane separation and purification process for industrial and domestic application and pioneered the manufacture of reverse osmosis membranes in India, establishing a state of the art membrane element manufacturing unit in Gujarat-India. Since then, under the Hydramem brand, we have offered a wide range of membrane elements for industrial, institutional and domestic applications.

We have a complete range of products:

HYDRAMEM RO membranes are composed of fully aromatic cross-linked polyamide (thin film) and are widely offered in four categories: low pressure, brackish water, fouling-resistant membrane and seawater elements.





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HYDRAMEM fully aromatic cross-linked polyamide composite nanofiltration elements (NFE) are designed with a hard outer coating for industrial applications, providing high temperature and pH stability.
They offer enhanced rejection for bivalent ion removal, brackish water softening, dye desalination, textile brine treatment and chemical salt recoveries.

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Hydramem ultrafiltration modules are hollow fiber membranes designed for treating a wide variety of applications, such as brackish water (ground, river and surface), municipal waste, industrial effluents and seawater for drinking and process use. Hydramem UF modules are available in both configurations: modified PES fibers (In to Out) and PVDF fibers (Out to in). This state-of-the-art membrane module comes with MWCO of 100,000 Daltons (100 KD), which utilizes optimal energy and provides consistent permeate quality of SDI 3.

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