We manufacture world-class ion exchange resins of all types - gel, macroporous and isoporous, for aqueous, non-aqueous and specialty applications in industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, nuclear, chemicals, biodiesel, hydrometallurgy, sugar and more. Located in Ankleshwar, a well-developed industrial and economic zone in Gujarat, it is one of the largest resin producing units and the first ion exchange resin plant to receive ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certification in India.
Tailor-made resins are also developed to suit specific applications at our R&D center in Patancheru, Telangana.

We have a complete range of products:

INDION ion exchange resins used for conventional water treatment applications, such as softening, deionization and dealkalization, are manufactured in automated facilities with ISO 9001 and 14001 certification.
Lower rinse volumes, high capacity, superior standard of living and a proven track record make INDION resins the preferred choice.

Water Softening:



Mixed Bed Polishing:

Condensate Polishing:

Removal of Organic & Color:

Effluent Treatment - Oil Removal:

Other Speciality Resins :

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Ion Exchange manufactures a variety of high-purity ion exchange resins designed for drinking water purification. These resins have very low organic leach levels. Applications include softening, disinfection, removal of nitrate, arsenic, fluoride and iron.
Our products are WQA Gold/NSF certified, HALAL certified, Kosher certified, German Res (AP) certified, Italian DM 174 certified and much more.

Water Softening:

Colour Removal / Organic Scavenging:

Iron Removal:

Arsenic Removal:

Fluoride Removal:

Nitrate Removal:

Other Speciality Resin:

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Ion Exchange offers various types of chelating resins, strong and weak acid cation exchange resins for the removal or recovery of metal ions. Chelating resins with aminophosphonic, iminodiacetate, thiol and thiouronium functional groups are used to remove specific ions from a mixture of ions.

Uranium Recovery:

Heavy Metal Removal:

Gold Extraction:

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INDION resins are used to remove ash and color in the manufacture of gelatine, liquid glucose, sorbitol, dextrose and malto dextrin. INDION resins are also used to remove alkalinity from wash water in the beverage industry. Other applications include the purification of stevia and the removal of bitterness from fruit juices. The inversion of sucrose into glucose and fructose using INDION resins helps to reduce sugar consumption in the low-calorie drinks industry.

Glucose, Dextrose and Sorbitol Deashing:

Beverage Water Treatment:


Gelatin Deashing:

Stevia Purification:

De-bittering of Fruit Juices:

Sugar Invasion:

Other Speciality Resins:

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Ion Exchange offers INDION resins for discoloring molten sugar. The technology has a synergistic effect with phosphotation and carbonation. It operates by passing pre-treated molten sugar through a combination of special ion exchange resin columns. The inversion of sucrose into glucose and fructose using INDION resins helps to reduce sugar consumption in the low-calorie beverage industry.

Sugar Refining Resins:

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INDION resins are used in various process applications, such as ash removal, color removal, deacidification, decalcification of secondary brine, etc. INDION resins used in these applications have superior thermal and oxidative stability, excellent operational capacity and good cord strength.

Purification of MEG, DEG, TEG Mixtures:

Brine Softening:

Removal of acid:

Phenol/Phenolics/Phenoxy Removal:


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INDION resins are an ideal solution for manufacturing and purifying biodiesel. It removes free fatty acids (0.5-1.0%). It also removes soaps, moisture and cationic impurities from crude biodiesel when KOH is used as a catalyst. It is best suited for esterification of free fatty acids present in raw materials - waste cooking oil, jatropha oil, palm oil, sunflower oil, corn oil, palm fatty acid distillate, etc.

Removal of Free Fatty Acids from Feedstock/Raw Bio-diesel:

Esterification of Free Fatty Acids:

Purification of Raw Bio-diesel:

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Ion Exchange is the first company in India to establish and promote the use of ion exchange resins as pharmaceutical excipients. We are accredited with the G.M.P Certificate by the Food & Drugs Control Administration (FDA), Gujarat, for the manufacture of bulk drugs. INDION pharmaceutical grade resins are manufactured in state-of-the-art ISO 9001 and 14001 certified facilities and are widely used in India and other countries.
INDION resins are used as an active pharmaceutical ingredient for tablet disintegration, improving the palatability of ionizable drugs as taste masking agents, for the treatment of hypercholesterolemia and hyperkalaiemia, sustained drug release, vitamin B12 stabilization and much more.

Drug Actives:

Taste Masking:

Sustained Release:

Tablet Disintegration:

API/Nutraceuticals Processing:

Conversion of Sodium Ascorbate to Ascorbic Acid:

Conversion of Sodium Tartarate to Ascorbic Acid:

Nicotine Taste Masking:

Herbal Extract Purification:

Reduction of Hydrochloride from n-butylamine hydrochloride:

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