Ion Exchange offers a full range of world-class customized chemical treatment programs using green chemistry for utility and process applications in all industries.
Our Indion Specialty Water Treatment Program includes cooling water treatment, boiler water treatment, fire treatment, coagulants, flocculants, antiscalants, membrane cleaning chemicals and water test kits. We also offer a range of specialty INDION chemicals for sugar, paper, petro-refinery, mining and other processes.

We have a complete range of products:

Our chemical utility water treatment solutions include efficient treatment and management of raw water, boiler and cooling water systems, membrane and evaporator systems and wastewater treatment systems. Their use significantly improves the performance of utility water systems, protecting metallurgy and assets while protecting the environment through safe and reduced water discharge.
Our range also includes products using green chemicals and under the Indion Green Chemicals brand. These chemicals are safe to use, made from renewable raw materials and are easily biodegradable.

Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals:

  • Antifoams - for managing Steam Purity
  • pH boosters - for DM Water and Boiler Feed and Drum Water
  • Oxygen scavengers - Sulphite, Hydrazine Hydrate, Carbahydrazide, Erythorbate and DEHA based
  • Neutralizing and Filming Amines - for Condensate Return line protection
  • Scale softening additives - Carbonate and Phosphate based
  • Co-ordinated / Congruent / Equilibrium Phosphate Treatment - for high pressure boilers
  • All Volatile Boiler Treatment
  • Single Drum Polyamine Treatment - Neutralizing and Filming amines
  • Sludge conditioners - for calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate and metal oxides :

Fuel & Fireside Additives:

  • Ion Exchange offers complete range of fuel and fire side additives for SOx reduction, reduction in clinker formation, reduction in Loss of Ignition (LOI), improvement in the boiler efficiency and antioxidants for elimination of coal auto combustion.

Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals:

  • Scale Control Additives
  • Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Dispersants to control fouling by suspended solids and metal oxides
  • Silica Scale Inhibitor
  • High Stress Scale Retardants
  • Bio dispersants
  • Oxidizing Biocides - Stabilized Chlorine, Stabilized Bromine and Chlorine dioxide
  • Non Oxidizing Biocides
  • Multipurpose deposits and corrosion control programs of various types -
    • Zinc Phosphates
    • Extended Phosphate
    • Alkaline Zinc or Zinc organic
    • All organic
    • Low Nitrate
    • Molybdates
  •  Chlorine dioxide generators-
    • Single Pump, Two Pump and Three Pump Method
  •  INDION AutoChem-
    • Automatic Dosing System

Speciality Chemicals for Membrane and Thermal Evaporators:

  • Acidic and Alkaline Cleaners for removing mineral scales, organic foulants and microbial fouling in UF / RO / NF / MBR membranes and evaporators.
  • Membrane Sanitizers and non-oxidizing biocides.
  • Preservatives to enhance life of stored membranes.
  • Antiscalants for preventing mineral deposits, inorganic foulants and silica in membrane and thermal evaporation systems. NSF Certified.
  • Defoamers for MED and MSF Thermal Desalination systems.

Speciality Synthetic Polyelectrolytes:

  • Pre-treatment of raw water and untreated effluents
  • Color removal in dyeing, textile, paper, distillery and other effluent streams
  • De-oiling and de-emulsification of refinery effluents (DOPE)
  • Brine Clarification
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With increasing water scarcity, water availability is a major issue for industries, especially those that require large volumes of water for their production processes.
With a comprehensive range of technologies, best-in-class products, superior application knowledge and excellent service support, ION Exchange provides water and environmental management solutions tailored to the varied needs of the industry.




Waste Water:

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