Founded in 1758 in France, Sozio is one of the world's leading companies producing fragrances.
Currently MAPRIL distributed in Portugal Sozio's range of fragances and microcapsules for various applications such as: addition in detergents, softeners, cosmetics, candles, diffusers, plastics and in paper.

Sozio's experience allows it to offer its customers, innovative fragrances, which meet the requirements: COSMOS, ECOCERT, NOP USDA, ECOLABEL, GREENSEAL and SAFER CHOICE

CULINAR | Lyckeby

Our food department supplies "Clean Label" dextrins from the company Culinar (Lyckeby). These raw materials are very useful, due to their adhesive properties, in recipes for pastries, biscuits and toast.


MAPRIL has entered into a partnership with the South Korean company SONGWON for the distribution of its adhesives for film laminating.
In the range, composed of solvent and solvent-free products for flexible packaging, the new HI-THANE™ A-7363/A-6600 stands out, with increased adhesion capacity and high temperature resistance! This product is solvent-free and 'Eco Friend'.


Our partner for more than 30 years, VIBA SpA has developed the new Masterbatch Anti UV, composed of a special tertiary HALS, which confers higher resistance to pesticides in agricultural applications.
In addition to its high light stabilization, VIBATAN PE UV MASTER 01946 has an increased resistance to the most aggressive chemical agents!


Mapril, together with its represented company Purafil, a world leader in the air quality and purification sector, introduces into the Portuguese market a range of certified products and equipment designed to assist in the fight against Covid-19, with promising laboratory analyses and results in the removal of viruses and bacteria duly validated by accredited entities.